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Chimney Repair Cost Guide

Chimney work is often a complex job and it can be tricky to know just what type of work will be involved and how the chimney installation and chimney repair cost would break down.

This article will be helpful if you plan on having your chimney work undertaken. It should also be useful to any readers who live with chimneys, as well as anyone else who could potentially benefit from the information provided. 

We’ve also covered what is involved for the various professionals who provide chimney installation and repair services, the duration of each stage of the process and the costs involved.

chimney repair cost

What is the average chimney repair cost?

There are various elements to repairing a chimney and as such, the cost for each can differ too. On average the cost to install a brand new chimney is between £2000 to £4000, but the final cost will depend on various factors.

The cost of chimney repointing is usually anywhere between £400 to £1200, but again this of course depends on the roof size and health condition.

Some roofing contractors will also offer chimney inspections which typically cost between £75 to £150 per chimney.

Supply costs for chimney repair

This section looks at the actual materials costs involved in servicing chimney pots as if you were to purchase directly from a supplier. It will cost around £18 to £25 per metre for stainless steel flexible liner, £15 to £20 for pumice and approximately £35 to £45 for clay.

A line adapter, on the other hand, can be purchased for around £45 to £55, twin wall connector for £55 to £65 and around £400 to £600 for a chimney flue. As for the brickwork, it could cost around £75 to £150 depending on the size of the chimney itself.

Chimney cowl prices can vary depending on the type. For instance, a static one can cost you around £60 to £130 while an anti downdraught chimney cowl is more expensive within the range of £150 to £250. 

A rotating chimney cowl may cost anywhere from £30 to £120 although high-end products can cost several hundred pounds. A disused chimney cap usually comes with a price tag of around £15 to £30 while chimney liner cowls tend to cost between £45 to £100.

Additional costs to consider

Below we will look at any added costs that you may have to incur while conducting a chimney repair job. A register plate and enamel stove pipe will likely cost you around £150 to £250 added on top of the price of the brickwork itself.

Depending on the accessibility, you will most likely require scaffolding which will cost around £200 to £600, while to have a cherry picker hired for the same purpose will cost around £100 to £200 per day.

Labour cost to repair chimney

It’s also worth knowing that a professional roofing expert with years of experience will likely charge between the £150 to £250 per day figure or anywhere between the £30 to £45 per hour. Please bear in mind most full chimney installs take between 2 to 4 days. Most of the time, small repairs can be completed within 0.5 to 1 a day.

How long does chimney repair work take?

Below, we present durations for different types of chimney work. Then, we will discuss additional factors that could influence how long this work will take to complete.

A brand new chimney installation typically takes between 2 to 4 days to complete.

Chimney lining installation typically takes between 1 to 2 days to complete.

Chimney cowl installation typically takes between 1 to 2 hours.

For additional information about the duration of such a project, keep these factors in mind: potential difficulty with roof access (depending on your home design), as well as seasonal weather conditions that may affect a project’s duration.

Types of chimney works

There are various types of chimney works that you could hire a professional to do. Let’s look at each in turn.

Chimney installation

When you have a fireplace and would like an entire chimney installed in your home, initial costs will vary. It could cost you somewhere in the range of £2000 to £4000 for a full new chimney installation. On the other hand, labour costs typically run at approximately £150 to £250 per day but this depends on various factors.

Chimney lining cost

A chimney lining or liner is a network of internal tubes usually consisting of a ceramic, metal or clay material. It protects the chimney walls from heat damage and corrosion and safely guides combustible particles through the chimney, out of harm’s way. Installing a chimney liner is a job that almost any competent tradesman can do, and it represents such a cheap alternative to completely replacing your chimney. The average cost should be in the range of about £250 to £300.

Chimney cowl installation

​​A chimney cowl is a ventilator that can improve the functionality of your chimney flue or pot. It can reduce, if not eliminate risk of birds entering your chimney. It can also reduce how much rain gets into your chimney and prevent down draughts. Typically it costs between £180 and £300 to have a chimney cowl installed.

Chimney Maintenance

Having your chimney repointed and having it swept are both examples of chimney maintenance, which we’ll discuss in this section.

It’s important to note that the average cost for each type is about £150 per day. The duration for each job varies significantly as well which can in turn affect the overall chimney repair cost.

For a small bungalow, it will cost around £200 to £300. However, for a larger semi-detached house, with the use of scaffolding, such work may cost about £500 pounds to £600. On the other hand, for a house with a chimney in the middle of the roof, the cost could be from £900 to £1100.

Chimney Repointing Cost

Repointing will cost between £400 and £1200 depending on the house type. For a bungalow, repointing will cost around £400 to £700 but for a semi detached house, such work may cost about £600 to £900 if the chimney is located on the side of the house. It may even cost as much as £900 to £1200 if the chimney is situated in the middle of the roof.

Chimney Inspection Cost

To make sure your chimney remains in the best shape possible, you should regularly inspect it for any cracks in the bricks and mortar or loose elements. Having a professional inspect your chimney will cost around £75 to £150 per chimney.

Gutter Cleaning Cost

By regularly hiring a professional to clean your gutters and remove any blockages, you help reduce the risk of water damage occurring as a result of unwanted water accumulation. This is a very important part of the overall health of your roof.

If you hire a professional to do this job, then you will likely be charged between £150 to £250 per day. The total cost will depend on the length of your gutters, their complexity and how much debris there is to clear out.

Chimney Repair Cost

This section explores the various costs involved in having your chimney repaired. We will discuss various types of repairs and outline their estimated costs.

Cost to repair leaking chimney

If a chimney has been damaged, it may be that your flashing has been damaged. A flashing is a floating section of metal and is situated around the chimney’s stack. Its purpose is to seal joints and reduce the risk of water entering it. The biggest cause of chimney leaks is cracked and damaged flashing. To address this, you may be able to use flashing tape. The tape will serve as a barrier for water and prevent it from leaking into your chimney. In any case, flashing tape does not solve all leaks. Do not attempt chimney repair if you have no experience though, and always make sure you follow safety measures. Sooner or later you will need professional assistance from a damp-proofing specialist. 

Flashing tape tends to cost between £10 to £20 for 10-metre long flashing tape. If you need to replace damaged flashing, it may cost between £100 and £250 if you were to hire a professional. Aside from the initial work, a professional will also damp proof your chimney as part of the job.

If the bricks and mortar are damaged and this is causing a leak, you’ll need repointing. You may also need to replace any broken or cracked mortar. Repointing will cost £350 to £1200 depending on the severity of the damage and size of roof.

On the other hand, if water is leaking down the outside of your home, it could be caused by a cracked chimney crown. Repairing this without replacing the entire chimney will work for most homeowners, keeping costs down as well as maintenance.

Another important point to note is that when sealing your chimney, make sure you take into account variables such as the location of the chimney and the local climate. Sealing should also include evenness and consistency.

Any flue liners situated one inch or more above the crown will also need to be taped. Canvas tarps can then be laid along the roof’s base to stop crown sealer from dripping onto the roof slates or tiles. If you wish to perform this work by yourself, which we certainly do not recommend, then the material costs will typically come between £80 to £150.

Cost to repair a broken chimney flue

A broken chimney flue is a serious problem. If you ignore it, the internal structures of your chimney could be severely damaged. To avoid such expenses and inconvenience it is important to hire a highly qualified professional who can repair and/or replace your old chimney at an affordable price. Replacing flue tile and repairing chimney liner, brickwork and mortar usually costs around £800 to £1500.

Cost to remove a chimney stack

In this section, we will discuss the labour costs associated with the removal of a chimney stack. You may choose to have a chimney stack removed because the chimney is beyond repair, or if you no longer require a chimney. 

Generally speaking, the labour costs for a medium sized chimney that is located by the eaves will add up to approximately £250 – £500 depending on the roofing firm that you choose to go ahead with.

Chimney stacks can vary in size and location, which determines labour costs. For a mid-sized chimney located on the eave line of a pitched roof, it will take about 6 hours to remove. The cost will vary depending on factors such as waste disposal, skip or man and van service.

Cost to remove a chimney breast

We will now examine the cost of removing a chimney breast. As with any service, there are costs associated with scheduling and completing the work. If you have decided to remove a chimney, you may need to pay for the installation of new recessed lighting.

To successfully complete any chimney breast removal you will need to ensure that you select the correct contractor. They should be able to offer services which include creating an inventory of all items removed, appropriate workplace health and safety, a risk assessment and insurance cover. 

Most normal small-medium chimney breast removals will cost between £200 and £350 per day for labour.

Choosing a roofing contractor to repair a chimney

At Premier Roofing Solutions, we provide all aspects of chimney repair services mentioned above and we can assist you with getting it done right. Upon careful inspection, we can also recommend the right course of action. We will also ensure the necessary regulations relating to chimneys are complied with when undertaking the work as well.

If you would like to find out more about the cost to repair a chimney, then please contact us for a free quote and consultation today.

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