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Roof Repairs Nottingham

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Premier Roofing Solutions provide all aspects of roof repairs Nottingham and within the NG postcode district. We can fix your roof for problems including but not limited to water leaks, storm damage, slipped or cracked tiles, damaged shingles, flashing repair, chimney repairs and much more.

To give customers total peace of mind our team of roof repair specialists have over 25 years of experience and hold Trustmark Endorsed Government Standards. You will also be issued with a free workmanship guarantee.

Our aim is to please on every single roof repair undertaken and do everything we can to maintain our excellent reputation in the local area. If you are looking for roof repair Nottingham or the surrounding areas then give us a call or request a free quote via clicking the button below.

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Roof Repair In Nottingham

General Roof Repairs

Unsure as to what the root cause of the problem is? We recommend contacting our team for a roof inspection so we can take a closer look, give you a detailed diagnosis and custom quote to get it fixed.

Roof Leak Repair

If your roof is leaking then you must get it fixed as quickly as possible to avoid severe and costly structural damage such as roof replacements, damp and mould growth, rotting in the floor joists or roof battens, etc.

Storm Damage Repair

The temperamental weather in the UK is the cause of many roof repairs that we're called out to fix. Strong winds and heavy rainfall can lead to stripping off roof riles or branches creating holes in the roof itself.

Slipped Or Cracked Slate / Tile Replacement

Strong winds or gradual wear and tear can lead to roof tiles or slates slipping down. In some cases this lets water to seep through, causing more severe structural issues.

Cracked Or Damaged Flashing Repair

Old cracked or damaged flashings, particularly around the base of your chimney or roof window/Velux window, can be an easy place for water to enter and cause damage.

Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

If you can see or think that your roof shingles need to be repaired or totally replaced then get in touch with our team for a free quote and consultation today.

Why Choose Us For Roof Repairs?

  • Transparent Roof Repair Estimates & Consultation
  • Local Nottingham Roof Repair Specialists With More Than 25 Years Of Experience Serving The NG Postcode District
  • Full Workmanship Guarantees Issued To Our Customers
  • 10 Year Warranty For Roof Installation
  • 20 Year Rubber Roof Warranty
  • Permaroof Certified & Velux Approved Installers
  • Trustmark Endorsed To Ensure Government Standards
  • Affordable & Durable Solutions To Fix Your Roof
  • We Will Leave Your Property Clean, Tidy & Ensure There Is Minimal Disruption Whilst Any Works Are Taking Place

How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost?

The hardest part about giving an online estimate for a roof repair is not knowing the true extent of the problem. In some cases we have been called out to replace a slipped or broken tile only to discover the roof has been leaking water and caused unfixable rotting issues.

Of course in some instances you will be able to see why your roof needs to be fixed but we would always recommend getting in touch with us for a roof inspection. From here we can identify the root cause of any problems and provide an affordable solution to fix it.

Please remember that the cost of roof repairs will vary depending on how long the issue has been left unattended. For example, a water leak left unchecked for a period of time could lead to expensive repairs or in the worst case scenario a total re-roofing job.

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Premier Roofing Solutions provide all aspects of roof repairs in Nottingham and throughout the NG postcode district. Get your roof fixed today by making an enquiry with our roof repair specialists now.