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Solar Panel Installation Nottingham

Fully Accredited Nottinghamshire Solar Panel Installers

Premier Roofing Solutions provide all-in-one packages for solar roof tiles and solar panel installation Nottingham and throughout the surrounding areas in Nottinghamshire. Our solar panel installers are fully trained, qualified and offer free consultation to discuss the solar systems available.

Home green energy systems are becoming more and more popular – and affordable – as people are seeking ways to become more sustainable and lower their carbon footprint. Our solar panel systems are a highly effective and simple way to generate clean energy for your home and family.

To give our customers total peace of mind we issue free workmanship guarantees and warranties on selected solar products. Our company holds Trustmark Endorsed Government Standards and has over 20 years of experience working on roofing projects across Nottinghamshire.

If you are look for solar panel installers in Nottingham or the surrounding areas, then please contact us for a free quote and consultation today!

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Nottingham Solar Installation Services

Solar Panel Installation Nottingham - Premier Roofing Solutions

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are a great method of producing clean, green energy for homes and families. There are many benefits to having solar panels installed for your home. One of the most important benefits is that solar panels can reduce household energy bills which is especially important in the current energy crisis. You can even sell unused or leftover electricity back to the grid. Our solar panel systems also have very low maintenance costs which will help to improve your return on investment over the long term even further.

Solar Roof Tiles Nottingham - Premier Roofing Solutions

Solar Roof Tiles Installation

Solar roof tiles and solar roof slates are a relatively new green energy technology and is becoming very popular throughout Nottinghamshire. The main benefit with solar tiles and slates is compared to solar panels, they are more aesthetically pleasing and flexible when it comes to blending in with different styles. For example, if you live in a heritage area or a grade 1/2 listed building with strict building regulations, they will likely prohibit the use of solar panels, which makes solar roof tiles the best option.

Why Choose Us For Solar Panel Installation In Nottingham?

  • Transparent Solar Panel Installation Packages
  • Local Nottingham Solar Panel Specialists With Over 25 Years Experience
  • Full Workmanship Guarantees Issued To Our Customers
  • Latest technologies and installation practices.
  • 20 Year Rubber Roof Warranty.
  • Trustmark Endorsed To Ensure Government Standards.
  • Reduce home energy bills & lower carbon footprint.
  • We Will Leave Your Property Clean, Tidy & Ensure There Is Minimal Disruption Whilst Any Works Are Taking Place

How Do Solar Panels Work?

We are often asked by customers how solar panels work in terms of generating electricity and storing electricity for household use. Our team will of course give you a detailed explanation of how everything would work for your own home, but here’s a quick overview.

So firstly, solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into electricity. This sunlight is then absorbed by PV cells and is converted into direct current (DC) electricity.

This direct current (DC) electricity is then pushed to an inverter which converts it into an alternating current (AC) electricity. This [AC] is the electricity that is used to power your house, business or even sent back to the electrical grid.

Solar Panel Installation Nottingham

Premier Roofing Solutions is a highly recommended roofing and solar company in Nottingham specialising in solar roof tiles and solar panel installation throughout all areas in Nottinghamshire.