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Cost To Install Velux Windows

In this article we discuss the cost to install Velux windows, why Velux window prices differ from contractor to contractor and the other costs associated with Velux window installation.

After installing a new Velux window it will help flood your home with lots of natural light. Your home will become brighter, comfortable and feel more spacious due to the addition of natural light and ventilation. Our aim by the end of this post is to help you understand the benefits of Velux windows and how much value it can add to your home compared to the cost.

Velux Windows Cost - Velux Window Installation Prices
Velux Windows Cost – Premier Roofing Solutions

Are Velux Windows any good?

The Velux brand of windows has been installed in many homes and businesses around the world. The quality of these windows is unparalleled, featuring unique technology that will transform your space into a more comfortable place to live and work.

Velux roof windows are available in a range of styles and prices to suit most budgets. From electric top-hung roof windows with an electric tilt system to centre pivot roof windows, the largest range of roof windows in the UK is available directly from Velux.

These windows are available in a wide range of finishes, including safety glazed, noise reduction, energy efficient, enhanced noise reduction and premium opaque coating options.

Additionally, multiple options are available to choose from depending on what is best for your home, including energy efficiency, safety, weight, noise control, radiation reduction and much more.

Of course you have to take into consideration that when it comes to Velux window prices there are also mainly three modes of operation methods which are manual, electric and solar powered. The prices of each can vary, so let’s look at it in more detail.

How much do Velux Windows Cost?

The overall cost of Velux windows will vary based on a number of factors. These include but are not limited to your home’s location, size of the windows, its type, materials used and other additional custom request costs.

Let’s break it down…

Velux Windows Cost

The price setup is quite simple. For the basics which include a standard glass, manually operated centre pivot windows and a white painted finish, the cost is around £330. To add to those features, one could select from extra noise reduction glass or a different finish to make it look even better. The cost would increase to approximately £600 – £650.

There are various determinants of the cost of Velux windows as listed on their website. The Velux Window Configurator gives you the option to choose from various options such as the roof window size, type of window (top or bottom operated), control mode (manual, electric or solar powered), internal finish (White painted, White polyurethane or Pine finish), glazing for various insulation properties and window flashings to suit your roofing material.

Based on your choices for these options, Velux windows cost can range between £330 to £3470. 

For example, a small Velux FK04 centre pivot with standard options and manual operation will cost around £330. The very same setup with a solar option being the only amendment will cost £750.

Labour Costs

Depending on the scope of work, as an average, it could cost approximately £325 per day for labour costs. This includes £200 per day for a skilled roofer to install the Velux windows and a labourer that can range between £100 – £125 per day.

Assuming there’s no additional work such as moving furniture away, and ensuring there’s easy access to the space, we generally don’t foresee extra labour costs. However there can be instances when the labour cost can increase, such as:

  • The room was not prepared for installing the windows. Eg: the furniture wasn’t moved yet, and the contractors didn’t have enough space to work.
  • If the roof doesn’t appear strong enough, the contractor may need to reinforce the rafters or even switch plans to install smaller windows.
  • There may be scenarios where the certain window sizes may not fit because there isn’t enough space. More time will need to be spent planning the installation.
  • Time may have to be spent to obtain necessary planning permissions depending on the individual scenario.

Additional Velux Window Costs

Make sure you find out about all the extra prices when discussing the Velux windows cost. This will ensure you know what you are paying for. Below is a list of some of the costs that you may need to consider when installing Velux windows.

Scaffolding (not typically required)£500 a day for aluminium towers
Flashing kit£100-150
Individual tiles60p-£1 per tile
Telescopic pole to open the window£20
Solar conversion kit£180
Vapour barriers to prevent condensation£54 per 37.5m2
Roofing felt 50m x1.5m£75
Sealant to make waterproof£3-£6
Roller shutter£330-£520

Factors that can affect Velux Windows Cost

As discussed above, the price you pay for your Velux window is determined by a number of factors. The size of the window, property location, materials used, accessibility, etc., all affect the amount you pay. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Size of window

The Velux window catalogue offers numerous window size options that can be adapted to your window width. The smallest of these windows is 47x55cm and the largest one has a remarkable 238x252cm. 

Windows are available in many different shapes and sizes. Large windows, while aesthetically pleasing, are more costly to install than small windows. Smaller windows can still retain their aesthetic value while significantly lowering the cost.

Roofing sizes available at Velux
Roofing sizes available at Velux

Type of window

For your home, there are two types of Velux – centre pivot and top hung. You will need to get the right one for your home which can depend on individual requirements. It’s always best to consult a professional roofer to determine which is good for you.

The most common type is the center pivot, where the window sits within the frame, effectively acting as a manual open and close. The second type is the top-hung; slightly more expensive as the window opens from top and therefore provides more ventilation. It also serves as an emergency escape point unlike the center pivot.

Ease of access

The process of installing a Velux window is a simple task, although workers may need scaffolding in certain instances to gain access to areas of the roof. You can hire our fully experienced professional at Premier Roofing Solutions, who has all the necessary equipment and materials, to do the job instead. Typically, this service costs about £500 a day.

Number of windows

There are several ways to increase the light in a room, but one way that many people overlook is adding customized windows. Sometimes it is more efficient to add two smaller Windows instead of one larger window. The primary reason for this is that we try to prevent breakage by keeping the weight of the window down and evenly distributed.

While this does take a bit more time than just installing one window, it’s an easy addition for your contractor. The time it takes to install could be considered half a day’s work, but the cost of an additional window isn’t too much out of pocket for you.

Disposal of old windows

Depending on the model and the condition of the old window, one can expect to dispose of the old windows within the range of £30 – £120. You can either sell it locally or through an online auction site. This is common practice as most of these windows can be salvaged and recycled.

Alternatively, you can pay to have your waste collected by the local council on the next refuse collection.

Steps involved when installing Velux windows

Installation of Velux windows involves a few steps and most people find the process to be more time consuming than complicated. But, if you’re planning to install velux windows at your home or office, you need to make sure that the windows are installed properly, safely and that it adheres to the local building regulations.

Remove existing felt/membranes and tiles

Before installation, you need to set up a small corner of the room with dust sheets and some basic tools. You need to mark out the area on your ceiling where Velux windows will fit. The next step would be to carefully tear away enough of the roof membrane to allow you to remove it cleanly once the window is in place. Tiles are then moved past the cut-out area which provides enough space for the flashing to be installed.

Install the frame

Velux window infills are installed using a specially made trimming. The trimming is installed around the window frame and fastened together, giving the impression of a continuous roof. Once the Velux window is in place, each tile is cut to size and installed around the frame. The flashing is then installed on the outside of the tiles, also working up to the top. Any additional work on the tiles can be completed at this stage as the next step is to reinstall the sash.

Fixing the sash

The final step is to bring everything carefully together. The installer will place the sash on top of the frame, lining both up carefully. The pivot mechanism is then reattached to ensure that the sash slides back and forth smoothly. Finally, the contractor will carefully install any new materials like insulation or moisture barriers if applicable.

Benefits of Velux Windows

Installing Velux windows in your home can significantly increase its value. They allow you to make the most of your day by letting natural light into a room while keeping the warmth inside. With a range of benefits, Velux windows are a great choice for any home.

Brings in natural light to your home

Using Velux windows, you can get more light in the rooms of your home. Not only will you love the visual appeal of more natural light, but it also means you get to use less energy to get that same brightness, which is good for the environment.

Improved ventilation

Velux windows can help fresh breeze flow in which not only feels amazing but actually gets rid of stale air in a room, making it more efficient in ways you never thought possible. They will help improve your living experience by adding a layer of natural ventilation to your home.

Save on energy bills

Most households rely on fans to keep the atmosphere inside cool and create better air circulation. However, with Velux windows, you can simply keep them open to let fresh air in and experience natural air circulation with no electricity needed. This is therefore a great way to save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Also with Velux windows and skylights, you get the fresh air and natural light you need while maintaining your privacy. This reduces the need for powering up light bulbs too which further reduces the electricity consumption.

Overall, installing these windows is a great way to lower your bills and help keep your home fresh and dry.

Better aesthetics

Installing Velux skylights will not only bring in more ventilation to your home but these windows improve the overall look of your property both inside and out. Also, your house will be worth more with a skylight from Velux!

Get rid of mould/mildew

These windows also help prevent condensation and can be better for the environment. Opening a window after a shower will reduce the need to use an extractor fan. In turn, this will help get rid of mould and mildew and require less maintenance.

Different types of Skylights and Velux Windows

To make sure you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a simple overview of the main types of skylights, with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Roof Terrace

Roof terraces offer a great solution for those looking to enjoy some outdoor space and let in a lot of natural light at the same time. It also provides easy access to the balcony however it can be costly and depending on the area, it could lead to lack of privacy.

Electric top-hung

For those who enjoy relaxing in natural light, this range of electric roof windows could be useful for your property. These motorised top-hung windows are operated by remote control or via a switch, just like the traditional top-hung models.

They are convenient to use and don’t require manual operations. These windows open completely and therefore can serve as an additional fire escape route. However, these may be comparatively harder to clean and maintain as they are generally hard to gain access. Careful consideration will also need to be given to the surrounding structure that supports the window.

Centre pivot

With the pivot point in the middle, the window can gently tilt open on bottom and top to create a unique ventilation. It’s a very cost effective option and is very easy to install, clean and maintain these windows.

They are however operated manually, and it could amplify the noises from outside. Furthermore, they need to be closed completely to ensure no rain water seeps through.

Top hung

The top-hung Velux windows are just like a centre pivot with the added benefit that the opening angle between the frame and the glass is higher, providing greater openness and increased ventilation.

This provides unobstructed views and increases the ventilation drastically. Similar to the electric top-hung, they open up completely and provide a fire escape route.

Solar powered windows

Solar powered roof windows are a great choice for anyone wanting to save money on energy costs long term, while looking after the environment too. They are relatively easy to install, look appealing, and save you money in the long term.

You should however consider this option if you are in an area that has sunlight more often which will otherwise beat the point of installing a solar powered window.

Types of glass for Velux Windows

In this section, we look at the different types of glass you could use for your windows. All Velux loft windows have a standard safety glass, but there are energy efficient choices too, among others.

Safety glazing

Safety glazing is a standard option on most Velux windows. It’s a cheap option, not the most energy efficient, but perfectly adequate for most houses.

Noise reduction

The noise from the wind and rain may be amplified due to the positioning of most Velux skylights. So you need to keep this in mind and also install the type of glass that can help reduce the noise.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient windows are more costly but it can definitely provide positive return on the investment as it will help reduce energy bills in the long run. Velux windows are designed to protect against loss of heat in the winter months and protect against overheating during summer.

Different types of interior finishes for Velux Windows

Velux window interiors are often made of wood, but can be customized to fit your needs. The quality of the finish is determined by the type of paint that is used. The most common interior finishes are wood, polyurethane, and acrylic. The choice you decide to go ahead with can add up to your Velux windows cost.

Wood finish

Frames with wooden finish offers a modern look to the interior of a Velux window, making a bold style statement that will likely complement any home’s design. They don’t rust easily and can be visually pleasing. These could however add to your cost as they are comparatively a more expensive option.

White polyurethane

Due to its ability to be easily customised, polyurethane is the leader in double glazing. This material can withstand all weather conditions, including heat and cold which makes it ideal for summer and winter. It is easy to maintain too and provides additional energy saving opportunities.

However, they are prone to warping and may not suit the interior design of your home as they only come in a standard white frame.

Different types of exterior finishes for Velux Windows

The choice of exterior finish that you use to hold the windows could determine the durability and resistance to external climatic conditions. As such you have a choice between various materials as listed below.

Grey aluminium

This is one of the cheaper options and is an alternative to standard aluminium. They don’t warp but are not the ideal option if your property is close to the sea.


Copper is slightly higher end—which means it has a higher price tag—but it’s worth the investment because of its many advantages. It’s visually appealing, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and warping resistant.

Titanium zinc

Titanium zinc is a material that has a lot going for it. It works well with moisture and contains a high percentage of zinc, which makes it sturdy and durable. Some of its benefits include durability, sustainability, and moisture tolerance.

Coloured aluminium

Coloured aluminium is a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to other metals, such as copper. It offers a wide range of colours to choose from, giving you a unique finish that other metals don’t allow.

Required planning permission to install Velux windows

While you don’t necessarily require particular planning permission when installing Velux windows, it’s best to consult with local authority to ensure that the install complies with all the necessary regulations. Otherwise, you may be forced to remove it.

These regulations depend on your local council so it can differ on an individual’s case. If you live around Nottingham or any area within Nottinghamshire, you can consult our professional roofers at Premier Roofing Solutions who can help you guide through the process very easily.

Alternatively, for further information, it’s worth reviewing the Planning Portal website.

Cost of Removing a Velux Window

There are many reasons why you might want to remove a Velux window. Maybe there is an upgrade available or maybe you just want to change up the aesthetics of your property. For the latter, there are so many options available that when you first had the windows installed, maybe only a plastic finish was on offer, but now there are other options such as coloured aluminium.

It’s likely that our experts will need to replace the original windows when they remove them. It is not typical for professionals to only take out your windows and not replace them in the same space due to the majority of them being completed in one go.

You could consider disposing of your Velux windows locally or through an online auction as discussed above. Nevertheless, you could hire a roofing professional to remove the window which might cost you approximately £300 for a day’s work.

Looking for a Velux Window Installer?

Here are some important considerations that you need to factor in when looking for a top quality Velux window installer.

  • Ensure you obtain quotations from at least 3 contractors so you have options to compare the different proposals.
  • Request all quotations in writing so you always have something to refer back to.
  • Request for certifications and qualifications of the roofing contractor that you consider working with. Ask the necessary questions relating to the Velux window installation project.
  • View previous work related to Velux window installation and request for testimonials from their past clients.

As discussed above, there are different factors to consider when factoring in the Velux windows cost. If you are looking to install a new Velux window, then please feel more than welcome to contact our team today for a free Velux window quote today.

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